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Chin Augmentation/Implant

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Chin Implant - Chin Augmentation

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For most of us, the chin may not immediately come to mind as an important aesthetic feature, although when evaluated from the prospective of overall facial balance, the chin is worthy of more consideration. A chin implant, otherwise known as a chin augmentation can help make your face become proportional. Having the appropriate chin projection in relationship to other features such as the nose and forehead, goes a long way in enhancing facial harmony. While a chin in some instances may be too large,  the majority of chin conditions that Dr. Falk sees in his practice are related to them being too small relative to the size of the rest of the face. 


Chin Implant Before and After


In men, a strong jaw line is a significant feature that imparts a sense of masculinity to the lower face.  In woman, a small chin can accentuate the  appearance of jowling.  Chin augmentation alone or in conjunction with other procedures such as facelifts and neck liposuction can address these concerns. Chin augmentation is accomplished  with an implant inserted through a small incision made in a crease under the  chin. Although this is a relatively minor procedure, chin surgery and chin implants can produce a surprisingly dramatic profile  enhancement.


Chin Implants

Chin implants are composed of a variety of materials, most often firm silicone which has an excellent safety record and a natural feel.  The shape and size is tailored to your individual needs. This can be preformed awake with local anesthesia or under sedation in the operating room. The procedure involves Dr. Falk making a small incision under the chin through which the  implant is inserted into a small pocket that lies against the jaw bone. After  the procedure the chin is taped for several days for comfort and to keep  swelling to a minimum.  No procedure is  without some discomfort but this is minimized with oral pain medication. You can expect recovery time of about one week.


Silicone Chin Implant


Considering a Chin Implant

If you are considering a chin implant, or wish to  learn more about whether this is the right procedure for you, please feel free  to contact The Face and Skin Center to schedule a consultation with Dr. Falk. Dr. Falk is a  board-certified facial plastic surgeon.   He will discuss with you the benefits of a chin implants for your  specific set of circumstances, and recommend the best treatment options.






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